Press Kit

When Ben Daniels decided he was going to be a musician, it was more than a career choice. A natural poet, this young songwriter went to school on Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson, and J.J. Cale, among others. His lyrics speak directly to a younger generation that hears, sees, and thinks about the very things he’s writing. From their opening song to the finale of their set, the Ben Daniels Band cuts through with their originality, musicianship, and a sound that spans Americana, Blues, Jazz, and Rock.

Throughout the years, BDB had toured the country several times while regularly making the rounds in The Great Lakes State. The son of actor Jeff Daniels, he has quietly monitored what it takes to live life as an artist. Beyond a passed down talent, the Ben Daniels Band believes in hard work, perseverance, and creatively challenging themselves and their audience.

With Tommy Reifel on bass, George Merkel & Josh Silas on guitar, Wesley Fritzemeier on drums and singer/songwriter Amanda Daniels on vocals, BDB’s live show never fails to take over the venue. The Ben Daniels Band has grown to be a formidable group that sounds pleasantly familiar, yet unforgettably unique. With their own views of the blues.


As we become societally over-stimulated, anyone with a cell phone and Internet can become a recording artist. The result? We’re being inundated with mediocrity. For even the least-discerning palates, it has become nearly impossible to single out the poet from the din of poorly written hooks and recycled synth beats. For musicphiles from the bored to the disconcerted, The Ben Daniels Band is a welcome gearshift.” —Real Detroit Weekly

“Then, later in the evening, The Ben Daniels Band almost brought down the Gallery!…Transformed into an intimate concert venue, ‘The Ben Daniels Band’ thrilled the crowd with their blues-based music.” —The Chelsea Gallery

“The Ben Daniels Band…featuring intricate and artful lyrics…reminiscent of Adam Duritz in early Counting Crows, but also eerily similar to Everlast’s best work.”–Wilde Boomerz

“I was impressed by how seasoned the Ben Daniels Band sounded. Daniels has a voice perfectly suited for the blues.” —Roger LeLeivre

“His son Ben joined him on stage for an original tune written by the younger of the two Daniels called, “Fake a Smile,” which was one of my favorite portions of the show. Watch out for this kid, he’s the real thing.”–Wolf Trap

“This story is to be continued tonight at Goodnight Gracies. Come watch the marvelous Ben Daniels opening for Lester Blues. You do not want to miss this extraordinary new talent that’s a cross between a promise and a threat. I’d advise you to be there promptly at 10.”–


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